Pictures from The Christopoulos Brothers' musical journey through the years.

"We were busy having fun in the best years of our prime, to take any notice of the youth we left behind ..."
sets the stage for their new CD 'jofo'geo', a collection of the Christopoulos Brothers classic songs meshed with new contemporary compositions, as the duo continues to write and sing about life, love and the politics of the 21st century.
Teamed with Producer and long time friend Ford Colley, the brothers' range of material, produced with new creative arrangements, has expanded beyond their traditional acoustic double guitar performances, enhancing their message and pushing the envelope to blend a variety of instruments and styles into their presentation. From reproduced classic favorites like "Captain", "Uncle Henry", "To My Friends" and 'Heaven" to their new songs including "My Favorite Time of Year", "I Been Dreamin", "Lincoln James" and "Just Another Empire", this collection represents the definitive diversions the Christopoulos Brothers have taken through the decades of their musical journey together.

The Christopoulos Brothers release their new Holiday Single!
"My Favorite Time of Year"
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